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[Product Image] 2" - 3" Double Tower
 This is one of our newer parts and is an excellent support for use with either rubber liners or soft substrate.  This support will handle up to #6 bar and has a 5" base.

[Product Image] 1" - 2" Double Tower
This tower works well with rubber liners and is molded with a textured bottom ring for a less-defined telltale.  This support is designed for #3, #4 and #5 bar and for a 1" or 2" cover.  This tower can support over 500* pounds and this part works well with softer substrate.

[Product Image] 2", 2", 3", 4" Bubba Tower
This support is the sumo of tower supports.  It will cradle up to #6 bar; has a nice wide base with 1" legs to straddle aggregate.  It will definitely support any "Bubba" on your staff.

[Product Image] 2" - 3" Tilt Tower
A great tower!  Holds up to a #6 bar at 2" or 3" cover.  It is very stable with tiny telltales.  It hasn't been tested yet but over 330 lbs. have been bounced between supports.  It is strong!

[Product Image] ", 1", 1", 2" Grabber Tower
New - Grabs up to a #6 bar at ", 1", 1", and 2" cover.  Small but effective!

[Product Image] Sand Tower & New Mini Tower
The sand tower is the strongest of our supports and has been tested to over 1300* pounds.  This tower is designed for #3, #4 or #5 bar with either a 1" or a 2" cover.  The solid bottom plate allows it to be used with a soft substrate.

New - The new mini tower is designed for up to #6 bar with covers of " and 1".  This support is being used with great success on foam.


*These load values were supplied by the Department of Engineering of Western Washington University.  Testing procedures and data are available upon request.


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