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[Product Image] Bullet
This was the first of the Eclipse positioners.  It was designed in response to a precasting need to control rebar ends with 1 1/2" cover.  The bullet will fit #3, #4, #5 and #6 bar.  If used on a vertical bar, it will support over 100* pounds.

[Product Image] Cradle
This is one of our newer positioners.  It is designed in both 3/4" and 1" cover and holds up to #6 bar.  This support is unique in its ability to hold both vertical and side covers.  It has very small telltales and "cradles" the bar.

[Product Image] 1 1/2" Star
The Star is an excellent choice for use in flat panels and has the unique ability to always be upright no matter how it is placed in position.  The Star is surprisingly strong and can support over 200* pounds.

[Product Image] Star Trek?
No, this is not a Star Trek insignia.  It is a specially designed part used in building gravitational telescopes.  If you have special needs, maybe we can help.  All positioners are designed and molded in the USA.  Call us with those unusual requirements and see if we can help.


*These load values were supplied by the Department of Engineering of Western Washington University.  Testing procedures and data are available upon request.


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